Sayvtketv (Stompdance) by Johnnie Diacon (Mvskoke)

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Sayvtketv (Stompdance)

Acrylic and Paint Pen on Illustration Board

20" x 16"

Sayvtketv (Stompdance) is a mixed media painting fashioned after 1970s Woodstock music festival posters. This work is a vibrant masterpiece that centers a male stomp dancer through the use of composition and color choices. Diacon uses shapes and linework to create the horizon line where a large field disappears into the beginnings of a lush forest. Directly behind the male figure is an arbor--a structure that is present and may have sheltered other individuals attending the stomp dance but have been intentionally left out of the composition to better focus on the movement of the figure. Each piece of Diacon's is professionally framed, signed, and perfect for collectors of indigenous art. 

Diacon's work has been featured on the Hulu hit TV series Reservation Dogs!