Ornament - Touch To Above - Bill & Demos Glass

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FAM 2021 Commemorative Holiday Ornament 


We are happy to announce the FAM 2021 limited edition holiday ornament, a replica of the sculpture, “Touch to Above” by Bill & Demos Glass, both from the Cherokee Nation.  

The aluminum ornament measures 3” tall by 2” wide with the medicine wheel engraved hand hanging from the arch to scale of the sculpture. The ornament is engraved with the wording “First Americans Museum” and the sculpture title, “Touch to Above.” The FAM 2021 limited edition ornament comes in a black gift box with silver embossed wording of the title, year, and location in both the Cherokee syllabary and in English. The ornament sells for $25.00 each and is produced in a limited edition of only 450.  



Sculpture description the ornament is based upon:

A stainless steel arch with a stone foundation welcomes visitors to the recently opened First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City. The top of the arch is about 10 feet high, and an outstretched hand hands from the top. A cross is at the center of the palm.

Text on plaque:

Touch to Above

Demos Glass (Cherokee Nation) & Bill Glass, Jr. (Cherokee Nation)
Assisted by D.J. Bolin (Cherokee Nation) and Dakota Coatney
Stainless Steel, 2010

"In the past, historians have often recorded that Native people were Sun worshipers because they observed them holding their hands up to welcome the morning Sun. In fact, this was not to worship the Sun, but to worship what was beyond the Sun, the Creator. Touch to Above symbolizes prayer to the Creator.

The arch symbolizes a zenith; in Cherokee ways the Creator resides in a realm seven zeniths high. The cross symbolizes the sacred number four, found in the Creator's order for the direction, seasons, stages of life, and the logs of the stomp dance fire, among others."

Demos Glass and Bill Glass, Jr.

A project of the Oklahoma Arts Council's Art in Public Places program, in cooperation with the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority.