FAMstore Opens online & in-store! FAMstore Exclusive Collection Launches!

Posted by Kristin Gentry on

Welcome to the brand new First Americans Museum Store! 


We are announcing the FAMstore Exclusive Collection for 2021! 


Our first featured item is our exclusively designed handbag featuring the piece, "Ayoh Wahdut Kukuh" by Caddo & Potawatomi artist, Jeri Redcorn. Jeri is historically credited with reviving traditional Caddoan pottery. Jeri's work can be see throughout the First Americans Museum. 


Jeri with the Origins Theater behind her.

pc: Ryan Redcorn 

We have created a FAMstore Exclusive Collection of designer items sold solely at the First Americans Museum Store, or the FAMStore. This designer handbag features the earth toned pottery designs by Jeri Redcorn. The design is on both sides of the fabric, and comes from her work that is found on the Museum's Origins Theater,  from the OKLA HOMMA exhibition. This exclusive handbag has two handles, and sits atop copper footing. This exclusive handbag sells for $89.99 in the FAMstore and on our online FAMstore website. We also offer this exclusive design on a silk wrap in sizing up to 2X, a t-shirt in various sizes, a hard bound journal, and on sets of highball glasses. The FAMstore Exclusive Collection for 2021 will also be featuring and array of products with the art of Kennetha Greenwood, Joseph Erb, Chris Pappan, and Jessica Harjo.  

*The Jeri Redcorn exclusive handbag measures 18"x12"x8" excluding the height of the handles.