Artist & Vendor Opportunities

Interested in selling your art or becoming a vendor in the FAMstore? 

1. Email Summer Zah at 5-10 images of your work, artist resume, bio, & artist statement. Please include artist websites & social media accounts. 

2. FAMstore review board assess portfolios on a rolling basis. Our review board consists of curators, established First American artists, arts educators, and the FAMstore managers. You will be contacted by Tom Farris or Summer Zah to bring your work in if the portfolio review advances to an in-person appointment. 

3. All work must comply with the Indian Arts & Craft Act of 1990. All items and products you sell will be available for Native and Non-Native consumption. 

4. If selected, work is typically purchased in bulk wholesale pricing from the artist in a 50%/50% split between artists and FAMstore. Some artists do sell on consignment at a 40%/60% split in favor of the artist. 

5. Payments to vendors/artists are processed in the beginning week of each calendar month, following the sales of the previous month. 


1. Appointments are REQUIRED for all current and interested artists and vendors to meet with FAMstore Management. Please do not arrive to FAMstore without an appointment.

2. All vendors are required to submit a W9 for tax purposes. 

3. Take clear photos on a black, grey, or white background. If you are in need of professional aid, we suggest membership to the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC). For their members, OVAC provides an option for professional photographic documentation and of an artists' work(s) taken in their studio for affordable costs.

4. Still have questions? Email Summer Zah at