FAMstore Artists

First Americans Museum store, or FAMstore, serves to promote and support a myriad of Indigenous owned businesses, artists, and authors. To be considered as a FAMstore artist, vendor, and/or author, please visit our Artist & Vendor's Opportunities page.

 Featured First American Artists for our FAM Licensed Exclusive Collection

Joseph Erb, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Kennetha Greenwood, Otoe-Missouria Tribe

Jessica Harjo, Otoe-Missouiria Tribe, Osage, Pawnee, and Sac & Fox Nations

Chris Pappan, Kaw and Osage Nations, Cheyenne River Sioux tribe

Jeri Redcorn, Caddo and Citizen Potawatomi Nations


Featured First American Artists for the FAMstore 

Cathy Abercrombie, Cherokee National Treasure, Cherokee Nation

J.J. Ahboah, Kiowa and Cheyenne Tribes

Richard Aitson, Kiowa Tribe

Marcus Amerman, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Hollis Asenap, Comanche Nation

Marwin Begaye, Navajo Nation 

RuthAnn Begaye, Navajo Nation

Acee Blue Eagle, Mvskoke Nation

Tim Blueflint, Comanche Nation and Chippewa Tribe

Roy Boney Jr., Cherokee Nation

Aaron Brokeshoulder, Choctaw and Shawnee Nations and the Kewa Pueblo

Nancy Boyett, Delaware, Shawnee and Peoria tribes

Nocona Burgess, Comanche Nation 

Bruce Caesar, Sac & Fox and Pawnee Nations

Dylan Cavin, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Callie Chunestudy, Cheroke Nation

Karen Clarkson, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Gary Colbert, Mvskoke (Creek)

Samantha Crain, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Johnnie Diacon, Mvskoke Nation 

Chad “Nish” Earles, Caddo Nation

Chase "Kawinhut" Earles, Caddo Nation

Michael Elizondo, Cheyenne Nation

Kristin Gentry, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Bill Glass, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Demos Glass, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Kenny Glass, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Brent Greenwood, Ponca Tribe and Chickasaw Nation 

Keli Gonzales, Cherokee Nation

Benjamin Harjo Jr., Absentee Shawnee

Joy Harjo, Muscogee Nation

J. Nicole Hatfield, Comanche Nation

Yonavea Hawkins, Caddo and Delaware Nations and Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma

Billy Hensley, Chickasaw Nation

James Pepper Henry, Kaw and Mvskoke Nations

Chelsea T. Hicks, Osage Nation

Allan Houser, Chiricahua Apache Tribe

Dina Huntinghorse, Wichita Nation

Fortune Huntinghorse, Wichita Nation

Josh Johnico, Choctaw Nation and Hopi Tribe

Charles Johnson, Muscogee, Seminole, and Cherokee Nations and Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe

Kenneth Johnson, Muscogee and Seminole Nations

Randy Kemp, Choctaw, Euchee and Mvskoke Nations

Rykelle Kemp, Choctaw, Euchee, Mvskoke and Navajo Nations

Steven Morales, Cherokee Nation, Oglala Souix, and Kaqchikels

Brian Landreth, Chickasaw Nation

George Curtis Levi, Southern Cheyenne Tribe of Oklahoma, Southern Arapaho and Oglala Lakota

Halcyon Levi, Southern Cheyenne Tribe of Oklahoma, Southern Arapaho and Oglala Lakota

Monica Silva Lovato, Katishtiya & Kewa Pueblos

Bobby C. Martin, Muscogee Nation

Dustin Mater, Chickasaw Nation 

Ted Bravescout Moore, Osage Nation

Lea McCormick, Mvskoke Creek Nation

Jason Murray, Kaw, Potawatomi, Osage, and Cherokee Nations 

Doneeta & Don Nowlin, Chickasaw Nation

Jane Osti, Cherokee Nation

J.J. Otero, Navajo and Hopi Nations

Wendy Ponca, Osage Nation

Tama Roberts, Cherokee Nation

Penny Singer, Navajo Nation 

Preston Singletary, Tlingit Tribe

Stuart Sampson, Citizen Potawatomi 

Hoka Skennandore, Oneida & Oglala Lakota Nations

Preston Singletary, Tslingit

Dianne Chaat-Smith, Comanche Nation

Arigon Starr, Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma

Morgan Talty, Pαnawάhpskewi (Penobscot)

Tony Tiger, Sac & Fox, Muscogee, and Seminole Nations

John Timothy, Muscogee Nation

Marybeth Timothy, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Karen Walkingstick, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma 

Adrian Wall, Walatowa (Jemez Pueblo)

Bryan Waytula, Cherokee Nation 

Micah Wesley, Muscogee and Kiowa Nations

Holly Wilson, Delaware and Cherokee Nations

Daniel Worchester, Chickasaw Nation

Melanie Yazzie, Navajo Nation 

Cynthia Yerbie, Seminole & Mvskoke Nations

Adam Youngbear, Cheyenne & Arapajo

Summer Zah, Choctaw, White Mountain Apache and Navajo Nations

Traci Sorell, Cherokee Nation

Alex Ponca Stock, Osage Nation

Kindra Swafford, Cherokee Nation

Pat Pruitt, Pueblo of Laguna and Chirachaua Apache

Traci Rabbitt, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Margaret Roach-Wheeler, Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations

Shelby Rowe, Chickasaw Nation


Featured First American Vendors for the FAMstore

46th State Candle Company

Bedre Chocolates 

Chickasaw Press

Frybread Mix by Ryan Redcorn

Ioway Farms

Mahota Textiles

Mike Bone

Native Naturals

Native Realities Publishing

 NTVS by Steven Paul Judd

O-Gah-Pah Coffee

Pettigrew Flutes 

Prados Beauty

Red Planet Comic & Books

Seka Hills


Urban Native Era 

Wash House by Jennifer Wheeler


*This is a list of our featured artists in progress, please email tomf@famok.org or summerz@famok.org for a complete list of all artists as we update.