Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection (Hardback)

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Johnny thinks he will never understand Grandfather’s pride in their heritage. What is so special about being Chickasaw anyway? But then a powerful and mysterious force gives Johnny the gift of time travel, which takes him back to important moments in Chickasaw history. Follow Johnny as he journeys into the past, discovers the unconquerable spirit of his ancestors, and at last learns what it means to be Chickasaw. Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection combines seven published Chickasaw Adventures comic books with five previously unreleased issues to create a unique, epic graphic novel that brings the history and culture of the Chickasaw people to life.
The collection features artwork by Marvel and DC comics veteran Tom Lyle. As readers follow Johnny on his journey through essential scenes of Native American history and culture, they will also encounter words and names in the Chickasaw language, which are defined in the glossary included at the end.